Kadayif with Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar

Kadayif with Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar

Substitute your morning malai on toast with something different. Learn how to make turkish kadayif dressed with cinnamon vanilla sugar syrup and labneh. Easy, quick and delicious!



  • 200 g Kadayif 
  • 100 g of VC sugar 
  • 80 g ghee 
  • 50 g chopped Pistachio 
  • 100 g and 50 g water for sugar syrup boil together
  • 1 tablespoon rose water
  • One tablespoon Greek yogurt and 1/2 tablespoon cream cheese 
Brush melted ghee in a round 15 cm shallow cake tin and coat with VC sugar. Add The kadayif into the dish and add ghee and two teaspoons of water. Bake in a preheated oven at 170•C for 10 minutes until the bottom starts to turn golden brown. Invert the kadayif using a plate and place it back in the oven for the top to crisp. Once golden, add few tablespoons of cinnamon vanilla sugar syrup and top with pistachios. Cool slightly and spoon over labneh or cream cheese or icecream. Enjoy whilst slightly warm. 
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