About us

Who we are?

Tardka spices for the very first time in Pakistan, has initiated the concept of amalgamating pre-partition subcontinental, medieval Europe and American spices all together under one roof into authentic, global spice blends for traditional and modern usage.

We consist of a team of scientists and chefs who want to inspire as many people as possible to get creative and experiment in the kitchen. Therefore, we create spice blends which are easy to use, delicious, global and suitable for any occasion! In addition, we hope to provide helpful tips and recipes to take away the burden of a stressful day through a freshly prepared home-made meal, regardless of the level of expertise.


In 2021 shortly after the downfall of COVID-19 the idea for Tardka Spices was born with a dream to make ordinary food taste extraordinary. In 2022 the founders embarked on a mission to travel the world in search of authentic taste and quality spices. In 2023 our first range goes live in the market! We urge our community to join us in our journey at Tardka Spices!


Helping culinary enthusiasts and home cooks create easy and delicious meals at home. We make vegan, gluten-free, additive / preservative-free quality products. Spices made by professionals with a scientific and culinary background, making sure the product being consumed is safe, delicious, and easy to make for every occasion. We specifically make blends suitable for individuals on a keto diet or a diet involving meal-prep as well. In addition, we provide a key in the form of recipes to make cooking manageable in daily life, while moving away from ordinary food. The values we live by our courage, creativity, entrepreneurship, diversity, passion, family, and happiness.

Our Best Sellers

Dhai Bharra

In a blender blend yellow lentils and white lentils by adding water....
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Za'atar Hummus

Preheat a skillet or saute pan over low heat, and add the...
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Chicken Fajita Tacos

 servings: 2 prepping time: 15 min cooking time: 30 min Ingredients 2...
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